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Title pages of Proceedings of 11th International Conference BIOMDLORE 2016 PDF
Edited by Mečislovas Mariūnas, Julius Griškevičius, Gediminas Gaidulis


Computer simulation of the pulsating blood flow in arteries with stenosis, aneurysms and plaques PDF
Vladimir Tregubov
BoB – biomechanics in MATLAB PDF
James Shippen, Barbara May
Peculiarities of the supervision of vascular catheters PDF
Zyta Kuzborska, Zita Gierasimovič
Assessment of the effectiveness of pressure ulcer care PDF
Zita Gierasimovč, Zyta Kuzborska
Propagation of measurement uncertainty for balance platform model involving two output quantities PDF
Adam Idźkowski, Wojciech Walendziuk, Aleksander Sawicki
3D microfabrication of complex structures for biomedical applications via combination of subtractive/additive direct laser writing and 3D printing PDF
Linas Jonušauskas, Sima Rekštytė, Edvinas Skliutas, Simas Butkus, Mangirdas Malinauskas
Smart textile gloves for luge athletes paddling monitoring PDF
Katrina Dimitre, Alexei Katashev, Alexander Okss
Comparison of different microstructure scaffolds for tissue regeneration PDF
Andžela Šešok, Deividas Mizeras, Algirdas Vaclovas Valiulis, Julius Griškevičius, Mangirdas Malinauskas
Numerical modelling of the forklift tip-over to test effectiveness of the safety components PDF
Marcin Milanowicz, Paweł Budziszewski, Krzysztof Kędzior
Stress analysis of osteoporotic femur PDF
Oleg Ardatov, Vladimir Barsukov, Dmitriy Karev
Myotonometry as a tool for determination of fatigue in the upper extremities of garment industry workers PDF
Viive Pille, Piia Tint
The use of DTW method as an effective way of uroflowmetry data screening analysis PDF
Wojciech Walendziuk, Aleksander Sawicki, Adam Idźkowski
The supporting method for automatic diagnosis of prostatic hypertrophy PDF
Wojciech Walendziuk, Aleksander Sawicki, Adam Idźkowski
Relation between treatment duration and temperature factors in rheumatoid arthritis PDF
Jolanta Pauk, Agnieszka Wasilewska, Justyna Chwiećko, Izabela Domysławska, Stanisław Sierakowski, Adam Idźkowski, Kristina Daunoravičienė, Julius Griškevičius
AFM investigation of hyaline cartilage’s surface destruction PDF
Mikhail Ihnatouski, Dmitriy Karev, Boris Karev, Jolanta Pauk, Kristina Daunoravičienė
Biomechanical analysis of the cancellous screws implantation schemes in surgical treatment of flexible flatfoot in children PDF
Gennadiy Koshman, Vladimir Barsukov, Viktor Anosov, Jolanta Pauk
Influence of dance therapy on the Parkinson’s disease affected upper limb biomechanics PDF
Donatas Lukšys, Dalius Jatužis, Rūta Kaladytė-Lokominienė, Ramunė Bunevičiūtė, Gabrielė Mickutė, Alvydas Juocevičius, Julius Griškevičius
Geometry and mechanical function of multijoint extremities from mammals to insects: towards biomimetic design of robotic arm PDF
Oleg Denisov, Natalya Kizilova
Characteristic upper extremity kinematic parameters of healthy people during defined motions PDF
Artūras Linkel, Julius Griškevičius, James Shippen, Barbara May, Kristina Daunoravičienė
Posturographic study of human body sway before and after a work day for diagnosis of tiredness PDF
Michail Karpinski, Natalya Kizilova
Estimation of temporal gait parameters of multiple sclerosis patients in clinical setting using inertial sensors PDF
Julius Griškevičius, Vigita Apanskienė, Jurgita Žižienė, Kristina Daunoravičienė, Agnė Ovčinikova, Rasa Kizlaitienė, Ieva Sereikė, Gintaras Kaubrys, Jolanta Pauk, Adam Idźkowski
The influence of barbell’s weight, lifting technique and skills on weightlifter’s blood pressure and heart rate PDF
Mečislovas Mariūnas, Julius Griškevičius, Gintaras Jonaitis
Estimation of the parameters of barbell’ lifting law of motion PDF
Mečislovas Mariūnas, Julius Griškevičius, Gintaras Jonaitis
The study of extraneous conditions that affect tilt-based pointer movements PDF
Artūras Serackis, Darius Miniotas, Andrius Katkevičius, Audrius Krukonis, Darius Plonis


Challenges in adapting technical assistive products individually for people with mobility disabilities PDF
Ilona Ogurcova



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